Prosto tekstik na angliyskom - ne dlya menya ("Last Day On Earth")

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Last day on Earth

Last day to call

Lost way of birth

Past way to fall

Last day on Earth

[cut=Читать далее...]

It was an ordinary day

Grass was green and sky was blue

I saw people talking and birds flying

No thrill no suspense no tragedy

Just an ordinary day

Then in one second something fell out from heaven doors

It wasn't wrong it wasn't right it just was

And for some time we couldn't understand what it was

But when it hit the ground powerful explosion tore everything apart and torn upside down

Where were trees there were nothing

Where were people there were no one

No talking no walking

No birds or cats or dogs

Skies were in smoke blue color turned white and yellow and orange

Our homes weren't ours anymore there were no homes at all

No homes and no creatures to live in them

We didn't understand anything

We didn't understand why it started or will it ever end

But there were no one to think these thoughts

Because human nature finally counted the day for us to be buried and forgotten

The last day on this beautiful and unique planet we somewhen could call home for us all

The last day

Last day on Earth


Last day on Earth

Last day to call

Lost way of birth

Past way to fall

Last day on Earth

Last day on Earth

Комментарии (3)
Казиник Сергей # 10 апреля 2020 в 17:06 0
Гриш. Еще раз и он же последний.
Кат. Это вот это если забыл:
[cut=Читать далее...]
Неохота набирать руками - можно выделить-скопировать-вставить из любого блога.
Григорий Неделько # 10 апреля 2020 в 18:52 0
И я тебе последний: я забыл. И я уже говорил.

Спасибо, что бы я без тебя делал.-)
Григорий Неделько # 10 апреля 2020 в 18:57 0
Ты бы, чем ходить с дурацкими угрозами, лучше бы вставил кат как функцию при публикации. Себе же жизнь бы облегчил, в первую очередь.
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